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Charity Relay Race


The Charity Relay Race principle is the basis of the international charity movement Whole World.

This effective solution allows each fundraiser to send millions of roubles (thousands of dollars) for charitable purposes within only a few weeks by making simple manipulations, and get steadily growing income generated by the simultaneously formed partnership structure!

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Invite 5 people! Recommend them to do the same as you did! See what reward awaits you!
On the first level 5 people * $ 10 = $ 50
On the second level 25 people * 5 $ = 125 $
On the third level, 125 people * $ 5 = $ 625
On the fourth level 625 people * $ 5 = $ 3125
At the fifth level, 3125 people * $ 5 = $ 15625
At the sixth level, 15625 people * $ 5 = $ 78125
At the seventh level 78125 people * 15 $ = 1171875 $



You're taking up the Charity Relay baton

To do this, it is necessary to sign up at the community's website through an invitation from any participant.
 Sign up right now » 

Currently, more than 1 000 000 people from around the world participate in our project. All of them have structured associations that were formed during the last passing of the charity relay baton from person to person.

By taking up the charity relay baton you will occupy a place in the partnership structure of the participant who invited you and make a charitable donation in the amount of $100.


In which case, one portion of the funds is sent to the International Charitable Foundation for Children, "Whole World", and the other part to the up-line partners throughout structure, and thus, the financial motivation for each fundraiser.


And that is:

$50 dollars - you send to the "Whole World" fund in the form of a charitable donation

$10 dollars - to the fundraiser, by reference to which you are registered

$5 dollars each is received by those participants whose place in the partnership structure is on the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth levels above you

$15 dollars arrives to the account of the fundraiser that is located on the seventh level of the partnership structure.

All transfers in one click!
Thanks to a unique technical solution, all the above mentioned transfers in the process of financial aid provision are performed automatically (in one click)!
The Participant do not need to manually enter the details of each recipient and confirm all money transfers.

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2) You're passing the Charity Relay baton to others

By passing the charity relay baton to your friends, you will start a chain reaction of acts of kindness! Very soon your friends will obtain followers, and those, in turn, their own followers, and so on...

Every day, more and more people take up the charity relay baton. The number of participants of your team is growing rapidly all over the world, and this process cannot be stopped!

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3) Partnership Fundraising brings results!

Every time any one of your partners in the team makes a charitable donation, you will also get financial Benefit!

The number of people to whom you can pass the baton is UNLIMITED!
The more participants that are registered through your recommendation, the more actively your partnership structure will grow. Over and over again, you will receive money transfers, and together with that, all the more money that will go to charity!



- you have invited just 3 people into a project.

As it happens, the charity succeeded in receiving $150 dollars,
and you yourself received financial support in the amount of $ 30 dollars.


Each of your invitees also invites 3 people
- You will receive 45 dollars, and the Charitable Foundation, "Whole World" receives 450 dollars.


Further, 27 new participants will join your team.
You’ll receive $135 dollars, and $1350 dollars will be sent to the charity!


Every day, more and more people take up the Charity Relay baton.
The number of participants of your team is growing rapidly all over the world, and this process cannot be stopped!

It's not difficult to add up that on the 7- level of your partnership, as a result, very soon there will end up being more than 3,000 participants who will send the charity more than $160,000 dollars, and your personal income will be $38,000 dollars!


This being said, you will note that you invited just 3 people...
But in reality, you and your partners can invite as many people as you want!


It is important to note that the provision of financial assistance, in accordance with the rules of the system, is produced annually by each fundraiser!

Due to this, with each year, it is possible to send more money to charity, your income, at the same time, is renewed annually, and time and time again, you will receive monetary transfers from people all over the world!


Today, we’re inviting you

to make your contribution to the development of the international charitable movement, "Whole World."


How to get started?

It is very easy to become a participant of the international charity, movement Whole World, support active fundraising for charity needs and get fairly paid:

1) Register yourself in WholeWorld


The registration is very simple
and takes no more than a minute.

Specify your Name and Surname,
enter your valid e-mail address
and come up with a safe password.

Your account will be created instantly!

2) Activate your account


To activate your account, you need to pay $5
for the account servicing.

Right after the payment has been received,
your account will be activated automatically.

Instruction for account activation

3) Link the purse


All transfers within the WholeWorld system
are automatically made by means of international
payment services.

You will create your own electronic purse
and link it to your account in just a few clicks.

You will be able to provide financial aid
from this purse and receive money transfers
from other participants to it.

Tutorial on Linking the Purse


4) Provide some financial aid

To do so, make a payment in the amount
of $100 using the offered methods.

Then the system will automatically perform
the financial aid transactions on your behalf
and you will be given the status of "BUSINESS"

From this moment,
you are able to receive money transfers!

Instruction for financial aid provision

What's next?

Tell people about WholeWorld
To pass the charity relay baton, use your personal link located in the
"Advertising Materials" section of your Personal Office for making invitations.

The more actively you invite new participants to the Community, the more money transfers
are directed to charity, and the more frequently you receive the financial aid!


Special Project

Charity Marathon